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Jerry Mu

Whether you need to create a customized COLD ROOM to fit into a specific space or the ability to easily switch from walk-in chiller to walk-in freezer storage would benefit your retail requirements. Kendall experienced cold room experts can help you create a modular cold room specially designed to meet with your cold storage requirement.
Whether you're showcasing at an upcoming exhibition or extending your product's reach in a retail store, Kendall's comprehensive range is utilized by customers for a range of business purposes. Kendall's DISPLAY REFRIGERATION range offers a variety of display options from multi-deck fridges to glass door chillers.
As a Leading Cold Room & Display Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturer, we can meet with your all your low temperature requirements!
If you give us a chance, you will be very satisfied with our quality, prices and delivery time.
We export to many countries in the world today.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Jerry Mu
Sales Manager
Kendall Refrigeration Equipment
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