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Emma Parker

Hello -

Are you interested in increasing your business’s revenue with Email Blasts?

At RemoteGurus, we have the largest remote work community on the planet. With over 5 Million monthly visitors, RemoteGurus is rated the #1 website to find and post the best remote jobs.

Whether your business is providing mental health care or essential oils, Email Blasts can help you generate thousands in sales. These Email Blasts will be delivered to all of our site visitors over a period of 1 month.

Plus, it is far CHEAPER than running SMM/PPC ads or SEO. Mostly, all of our clients get a positive ROI within the first month of Email Blasts, unlike SEO which can take over a year to recoup marketing expenses.

Here are our Email Blast packages:
1. 3,000 emails sent per month - $94.95 /mo
2. 5,000 emails sent per month - $194.95 /mo
3. 10,000 emails sent per month - $294.95 /mo
4. 20,000 emails sent per month - $394.95 /mo
Contact us at with your desired package!
Cheers to Growing Your Business!
Emma Parker

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